Rachel Headley

It is a delight to allow the Transformational Tours team to elegantly prep, assess, and manage any situation. This was especially helpful when my bag was delayed, and they arranged for a private shopping trip with a local friend on the ground. What a gift! Of course, the arrangements were impeccable and the tour life-changing.

Jessica Carlson

The best!!! All around!!

Michele Czedich

I had the lucky chance to travel to Bali with Transformational Tours, which had been a lifelong dream! Our group experienced all of the amazing things Bali has to offer...from prayer ceremonies in temples to cooking classes to the beautiful beaches...I was a part of the true culture of the Balinese! With their expertise in travel, and guidance along the way throughout the trip, I learned a lot, too!

Crystal Lewis

Highly recommend booking with Transformational Tours & Retreats!

Anna Östrand

I had the absolute pleasure to go with Halle and my teacher Elizabeth Purvis to Egypt and watch first hand how Halle works. She was the spider in the web that made sure everything flowed seamlessly. She created the space and the opportunity for Elizabeth to do her work. Working relentlessly and quietly in the background we were given an experience of a lifetime

Wendy Johnson Burge

A once in a lifetime journey that will be hard to replicate!

Heather Marie

Words cannot accurately describe the revolutionary experience I had through Transformational Tours & Retreats! I’m a girl who is never surprised and is always thinking of and anticipating the needs of others. I was shaken to my core with utter bliss and amazement at how much love and thoughtfulness I experienced. It was a true gift to be on the receiving end of such magical treatment.

Julie Eason

I cannot express how amazing our trip to Egypt was! Transformational Tours created a once-in-a -lifetime experience. We were treated like Queens!

Laura Barker


I cannot recommend Halle strongly enough. She delivers value when she speaks. I credit my transformation (health, business, spiritual) in large part to Halle's guidance.

Jennifer Davis


She is intuitive, very bright, experienced in many businesses, caring, and genuinely interested in others happiness and success. If 10 stars were possible, that’s how I would rate her. By the way, I’ve owned and operated my business for over 20 years, so I have been exposed to a lot of coaching. Halle Eavelyn is simply the best.

Kim Coles

Coach, Comedian and Actress

I call Halle my Spiritual Chiropractor! She gets and keeps me well-aligned, with myself and Truth. My favorite thing about working with her is that she has the gifts of fierce clarity and vivacious velocity, which means I get to be and stay in action/allowing towards my best self RIGHT NOW!! My Spiritual Chiropractor adjusts me perfectly every time!

Summer will help you see your potential, help you navigate life, and give you the tools to attain your true happiness, whatever that might be.

Melody Calvert (Photographer)

As soon as I started working with Summer, everything turned around from hopelessness to confidence in my abilities to start my dream business.

Melanie Sandquist (Health & Fitness Coach)

Halle has a way with words that can break down any barrier that people put up.

Isha, Graphic and Web Designer

I came to Halle because I was feeling stuck in my business and I didn’t know how to fix it. It was incredibly frustrating because I had hired an expensive coach and was working hard, but just wasn’t getting any results. Halle helped me see where I was blocked and went fast and deep to release and heal the patterns that were keeping me stuck.What we did in just a few sessions blew my mind and completely transformed my life and business.

Heather, Brand Strategist, Starmaker

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